One Minute Bun Hairstyles

“Messy Bun And Getting Stuff Done”

I am known to have my hair up in a bun most of the time. While I love my hair… it is a pain to style and even when I style it it gets in the way and then I usually throw it back up! Can you relate? The problem is sometimes I don’t want to have a messy bun… I need to look presentable. So I have created two easy buns you can recreate to spruce up that messy bun.

All you need for these two styles are hair ties and bobby pins.

  • First bun you will separate pony into two pieces and twist each piece individually then twist them around each other.

  • Then wrap the hair around the pony tail to create a bun. You want the ends of your hair to be in the back of the bun so you can cover them.

  • Once the hair is wrapped take a bobby pin with the smaller squiggly side down to secure the hair in place. Using the pins this way will firmly secure the hair in place and how I was able to only use 3 pins and my hair stayed all day.

  • This is a great technique to make you bun look fuller and give it dimension. The tighter you twist the hair the sleeker it will look. I made mine looser for a fuller bouncier look.

In the second style

  • Create a three strand braid

  • Tightly wrap it around your pony

  • Once wrapped push eds underneath the braid to hide them

  • Secure with a few pins again making sure you are using the small side down for optimal hold

  • For a looser look you can pull the braid apart a bit to fluff it out

Hope you enjoyed these two quick and simple buns. If you use these techniques let me know Id love to see how they turn out!